About the Team

From left to right:

William Miller

Rachel Pressler

Catherine Batka

Joe Kaufeld

William Miller:

William, a Computer Science major at Ball State University, is now in his junior year. Formerly a history major at Ball State, William gives us sound information on both the history and the geography of Indianapolis and the surrounding area. Having been brought up in a small town, he can give different insight on the big city of Indianapolis.

Rachel Pressler:

Rachel is an advertising major and a music minor. She is a junior this year. For this project she covers misconceptions and discourse markers, as well as specific variations through Indianapolis. She hails from absolute north Indiana, and her northern perspective on the project has proven valuable.

Catherine Batka:

Catherine is a junior in the Electronic Art and Animation department at Ball State University. She is a jack-of-all-trades concerning this assignment and assisted with a little bit of everything (as well as gaining the group access to the photography studio,) though she primarily focused on the General Midland and the Variations within Indianapolis. Though she is not an Indy native, she has lived in the area for nearly a decade and has found a home filled with culture and a great plethora of individuals.

Joe Kaufeld:

A sophomore and former art major, Joe is currently enrolled in the Miller College of Business in the Informations Systems program. He created the website you're currently reading, as well as the filming and editing for the video on the first page. He didn't know he was actually interested in dialects until the assignment was given -- perhaps now he sees what his sister (a linguistics major in Michigan, a state that suffers from its own odd dialect) is so fascinated by.

If you have questions / comments, drop us a line at indydialect@gmail.com! We'd love to hear from you!